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A story with no beginning or end...



"...temptations and illusions lay in the shadows blurring our understanding..."

Scott Allen Roberts unveils his new body of work in a solo show 'A Fragile Genesis' for the Fall of 2021 in New York. The new chapter within the ongoing series 'PERPETUUS' continues to address humanity's question of connection to mother nature with heavy themes of; being lost in illusion, questioning where our attentions go and exploring a sacred mythic bio-interconnectedness. Referencing traditional styles, surrealism, and graphic pop art Roberts continues to create a collisional style investigating the act of painting itself via contemporary landscape.

Roberts says "Artists are filters for the times that they are in and whether we like it or not we are cultural barometers speaking a visual language that crosses culture and time. This chapter of work explores landscapes with a dawning liminal light casting a dark shadow and how both (light and shadow) are conceptually life long companions like two sides of a coin. The shadow is a glutton for media, attention, and money among so many other things but has a disregard for planetary desecration and dominates so much of our values and choices while the light is truth and authenticity. However with too much light, we are blinded and the shadows become more stark with out balance. In the new pandemic consciousness, hope sits listlessly on the horizon, opportunities are rife for the taking, but temptations and illusions lay in the shadows blurring our understanding of the world around us. A Fragile Genesis looks to glean from the shadow the work we must do for a better future. Can we aim to be more equanimous, fair, and inclusionary? Can we flip the coin? We are on the tipping point of great change, but what side of the coin will we all land?"

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Fine visual arts created in New York's Hudson Valley

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