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A story with no beginning or end...


Chapter III


"...blanketed with hope and faith as the new dawn approaches..."

Scotts’ artistic process began roughly three years ago when he established a studio space in a bucolic forest in upstate New Yorks’ Hudson Valley. The quiet and contemplative setting provides the back drop for his inspirations as he excavated themes of humanities connection and dis-connection with mother nature through previous chapters of paintings. In solitude he began to explore the shifting patterns and seasons of the natural world and how humanity is both nurtured and destroyed by it, these cycles of existentialism became rooted themes in his work. As he exposes the third chapter within a larger series of work ‘PERPETUUS’, he has realized over time that technology in all of it’s advancements to humanity has also steadily taken us away from the natural world and each other. In the third chapter ‘Terminal Breaks’ he addresses reality versus virtuality with a spring daybreak as the backdrop. 2020 has been a dark period in our civilization and effected the series in still unforeseen ways but the darkness before the dawn has forced us to adapt, reflect, and shift our lives in extraordinary ways. Our societies increased reliance on technological media has allowed us to neglect our own well being by living inside a (technological box), forsaking the rejuvenating and expansively beneficial aspects of experiencing mother nature and humanity in real life and not through a digital realm. The current pandemic has forced many of us inside or to be more remote, alone and connected to the world through virtual circumstances. While we are thankful to have this technological support in these surreal times, a resounding theme is becoming more apparent to all of us, there ain’t nothing like the real thing! Terminal Breaks will be a pivotal chapter in this growing body of work, blanketed with hope and faith as the new dawn approaches.

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Fine visual arts created in New York's Hudson Valley

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