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Fine visual arts created in New York's Hudson Valley


Scott Allen Roberts is a Los Angeles native living and practicing in New York. A fine art major from the University of Southern California and post graduate from Parsons the New School, Scotts’ observational landscapes and figures explore cosmological, ontological, and phenomenological concepts surrounding the ideas of existentialism and the human condition. In the history of landscape art there have always been questions of how humanity fits into its environment. Having experienced close familial death early on in his life, themes of mortality both haunt and enlighten his work. The burning human questions of ‘Where do we go when we die?’, ‘Where did the world come from?’, or ‘What is the meaning of it all?’ were the first of many that Scott pondered in his youth and contemplated in observation of landscapes. 

Roberts’ work borrows from many styles to create imagery that is bold, graphic and fantastical. His art asks humanities questions of the unknown, enticing the viewer through vibrant color, larger scale formats, and hints of the decorative. The viewer is drawn into an allegory filled with metaphors. From a contemporary perspective, Roberts typically employs the use of different artifacts, reflections, cast shadows, and portals such as windows or doors as a question of where our actual and virtual lives intersect, and the illusions that accompany both sides. Scott continues to explore his personal journey through art and allows the viewer insight into not just his, but their own deeper feelings with the work. Scott is fresh on the New York art scene and having already sold to private collectors has begun to promote his work to a broader audience.

fall upstate

Artist Scott Allen Roberts is a contemporary landscape painter  drawing on personal life experiences in which themes of mortality, existentialism, and the human condition dominate his bold and graphic artwork. The artist's allegorical works in acrylic and oil on canvas are peppered with symbolic artifacts employed to question where our actual and virtual lives intersect, and how we as a society have blurred the understanding between the two. While the ontological concepts in Roberts' work could be considered 'dark' territory, he explores them through bright, provocative, and compelling environments, something which can be seen in his ongoing and developing series 'PERPETUUS'. 


The Hudson Valley is the backdrop for Roberts' art studio as well as the inspiration for the current work. Delving into a four chapter series exploring the journey of the seasons ‘PERPETUUS’ opens with a selection of works from chapters one and two— the winter and spring respectively. Chapter one, entitled 'The Dusk. The Twilight. The Eve.' examines the beautiful austerity of winter in upstate New York. Interior spaces look out to cold and barren landscapes rendered in radiant, colorful hues. Chapter 2, 'A Civil Twilight,' studies the spring, and a cycle of renewal in a vast country setting. Striking, stylistic foliage and florals make up vivid scenery in a frenzy of growth. 

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Fine visual arts created in New York's Hudson Valley

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