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A story with no beginning or end...

Chapter II



"...a cycle of renewal in a vast country..."

Chapter two of the PERPETUUS series is entitled ‘A Civil Twilight’ and is the time of day before the dawn—a calm, reflective period filled with early sounds of birds, a light breath of wind through the trees, and rising mist and clouds through the crisp, cool air. This chapter of the series explores the explosive growth and blossoming of spring. In contrast to the scarcity and pared down style seen in chapter 1, this chapter dials up the foliage, florals and exterior landscapes under the soft light of the morning. While still focused on a deliberate and strong graphic style, it is the purpose of Scott Allen Roberts for the viewer to ‘feel’ spring. This group of artworks uses horizon lines and cloudscapes in a similar way that chapter 1 uses cast shadows and portals weaving together the theme of ‘real vs. virtual space’. The anchor theme of existentialism is explored by rendering the opening of the day, and its similarity to the beginning of a new life. While a ’A Civil Twilight’ aims to expand on the bold color and full chroma utilized in chapter 1, a heavier additive approach allows a departure while still excavating the core concepts of the PERPETUUS series.

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Fine visual arts created in New York's Hudson Valley

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