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A new capsule collection of works on paper capturing the fall in all its decadent decay


"...a dedicated plein-air approach."

‘The Bleeds is a capsule collection of 6 drawings on paper, exploring the Autumn in all of its decadent decay in upstate New Yorks Hudson Valley. Natures constant cycles of change are always an inspiration to my work and the fall in particular provides an explosion of color, which is a feast for the eyes and a tool in  my palette to create objects of aesthetic contemplation. Metaphorically, the fall acts as a signifier for the pending winter which has associations of cold, darkness, hibernation, and death (to name a few). The extraordinary colors of the foliage almost act as alarm bells for something ominous ahead. The modest collection creates a conversation about those ‘alarm bells’ that sound during our various paths through life, and when they sound how we react. I have purposefully placed myself within these real environments with a dedicated plein air approach, creating expeditious renderings in acrylic, charcoal, conte, and pastel.The ephemeral quality of the passing day requires a careful speed to capture as much of the composition as I can while allowing my hand and mind to 'fill in the gaps' with an impressionist and or abstracted flair, combined with deliberately honed mark-making. I have been developing and cultivating a style of mark-making over the years in my portrait drawings, which I have just begun to include in this set of landscapes. It is my pleasure to share my newly developed style of landscape work aptly and provocatively named, ‘The Bleeds’.

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Fine visual arts created in New York's Hudson Valley

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